Dorothy May Lipscomb

Dorothy May Lipscomb lived almost 102 years and what a life she had! She was born in Mansfield, Ohio on May 23, 1919, and passed away on Saturday, March 13, 2021. Her father was an engineer with the Ohio Brass Company and worked his way up from engineer to a very prominent position. Her mother was very gifted in the art of calligraphy and worked for a greeting card company before becoming a secretary for the Ohio Brass Company, where she met her husband. Dorothy had an older sister, Ruth, and a younger brother, Bobby.

Dorothy was an avid golfer and was a long-time member of Ridglea Country Club Ladies Golf association.

Dorothy outlived all of her four husbands, and most were long and loving marriages with each. Her first marriage was to Donald Fredrick Sturm and produced one son, Donald Frank Sturm, who passed away at age 36 in 1990. Their marriage lasted over 20 years until Don’s untimely death. Her surviving relatives from that marriage are three nieces, Joye Broughton from Great Falls, MT, Jan White from Jacksonville, FL and Jacki Harmon from Burling VT.

Her second marriage was to Paul Grinnell and was shortened due to his death from cancer. They owned a steak restaurant on Camp Bowie Blvd. named “The Bull and The Bush”

Her third marriage was of many years and Lawrence Peterson was a beloved husband. Her surviving relatives from that marriage are Carol Schulte and her children, Alise Hassler and her husband, John, and their son, Lukas from Novato, CA and Craig Schulte of Round Rock, Texas.

Her fourth husband was Robert Done Lipscomb. He was a Colonel in the United States Air Force and served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam. He preceded her in death by 6 months. It has been told that she married him because he was a handsome man and a good dancer!! They had a happy life and shared their times with extended family members, Robert Lipscomb Jr. and his wife, Joy, and their three children, Robert III, Aimee, and Mary Lipscomb, James and Mary Whilite, Joe Whilite and family, Mitchell and Valerie Curry and their sons; and many others in all their extended families.

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