Eugene Lee Crosthwait

Mr. Eugene Lee Crosthwait, a Fort Worth resident for 72 years, passed away at the age of 94.

Born in Mexico to American parents, Eugene was schooled at the Texas Military Institute, San Antonio, from 1939 to 1943. He attended The University of Texas, Austin, from 1943-1948, earning his Master’s degree in aeronautical engineering. Having enlisted in the U.S. Navy during WW II in 1943 while at UT, Eugene was on active duty until 1946, then was in the Naval Reserves (NAS Dallas) until honorably discharged in 1959.

In 1948, Eugene was hired by Consolidated Vultee (Convair), beginning a 43-year work history with the company in Fort Worth. During that period, Convair changed names to General Dynamics and then to Lockheed. During his employment, Eugene worked on projects such as the B-36, the B-58 “Hustler”, the F-111, and the F-16. He authored or contributed to several aeronautical papers while at GD such as “Influence Characteristics of the Sonic Boom”, “Preliminary Design Methodology for Air-induction Systems” and “Pitot Inlet Additive Drag”

Eugene was married for 24 years to Virginia Anne Weaver (deceased), and 38 years to Louise Neal.

A charter member of Saint Andrews Catholic Church in Fort Worth, Eugene served in the Knights of Columbus. He was an avid weekend golfer, bowler, and loved fishing on Benbrook Lake (with his meticulously maintained Scott-Atwater outboard motor). He bought one of the early Ford Mustangs and, over the course of ownership, rebuilt the carburetor on the kitchen table (he was a master of detail and analysis).

Upon retirement, Louise and Eugene traveled to Hawaii and Europe.

He is preceded in death by his brother, Reverend Monsignor Joseph H. Crosthwait of Houston, TX.

Survivors: His loving wife, Louise, son David Crosthwait (Burbank, CA), daughter Loretta Jepson (Columbia, MO), 3 stepchildren, 2 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.

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