Fr. Alejandro Hernández García

With great sadness, but with our eyes fixed on Our Lord Jesus Christ, High and Eternal Priest and on the Blessed Virgin Mary, especially in her invocation of her Fifth Guadalupan apparition, we inform you that after several days of illness due to infection by SARS-Co V-2 (COVID-19) on February 3, Fr. Alejandro Hernández García has been called to the Father’s house. May the Lord have you enjoying his glory and enter to participate in the Celestial Liturgy. His death has surprised us and we mourn the loss of our brother, who, with firm faith, generous priestly dedication and love for the Confraternity, lived and served the Church.
Father Alejandro was born in Córdoba, Veracruz, (Mexico), on July 10, 1972, son of Mr. Joel Hernández Galván and Mrs. Benita García González.
He began his ecclesiastical formation, entering the Greater Seminary of the Sacred Heart of Jesus of the Confraternity Operarios del Reino de Cristo in 1987; He studied the first year of philosophy at the diocesan council seminary of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the second and third courses were studied at the Colegio de La Santa Cruz, both in Querétaro. He studied Sacred Theology in Olías del Rey, Toledo, Spain 1993-1997.
He made his first incorporation to the Confraternity on November 21, 1993, his second incorporation was on November 20, 1994, his third incorporation was on November 24, 1996, all in Olías del Rey, Spain. He received the Rite of Admission to the Holy Orders, the Ministries of Lectorate and Acolyte on June 22, 1996 at the Major Seminary of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Querétaro, Mexico, and his full incorporation to the Confraternity was on November 23, 1997 in Olías del Rey.
He was ordained a Deacon on August 2, 1998 in the Holy Cathedral Church of Querétaro, Mexico, by the hands of Most Reverend Bishop Dr. Don Justo Mullor García and ordained Priest on April 25, 1999 at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Light in Salvatierra, Gto. Mex., By the hands of Bishop Dr. Don Rogelio Cabrera López.
In his ministry he was obedient and faithful to the mandate of the Superiors for almost 22 years in which he held numerous positions and ministries in the Confraternity:
• He held the position as the formation director at the Minor Seminary in Salvatierra Gto., in 1994
• Appointed Parroquial Vicar at the Parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe in San Bernardino, Ca. USA., on June 11, 2004. (Prot. Destinations. Book 1/437/2004).
• In 2007 he collaborated as treasurer of the Major Seminary of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in Querétaro.
• Appointed as a Collaborating Member for the Confraternity in the Region of Spain on June 30, 2008, (Prot. Destinations. Book 1/623/2008).
• Apponited Pastor of the Parish of St. Matthew, Arlington, Texas, USA, on May 14, 2015. (Prot. 1/984/2015).
• Appointed Local Director of the CORC community at St. Matthew Parish, Fort Worth, Texas, USA, on March 6, 2016 (Prot. 1/1008/2016).
• Appointed Moderator Delegate of the San Juan Pablo II Zone that comprises the CORC communities in the parishes of: Our Lady of the Immaculate Heart Parish in Fort Worth, St. Matthew in Arlington and Sacred Heart og Jesus in Oklahoma, USA, on October 10, 2018. (Prot. 1/1096/2018).
The list of destinations and appointments give an idea of the multiple activities that he carried out with generosity throughout his years of ministry; However, it does not include everything he did for the members of the Confraternity and for the souls entrusted to him: He worked at the request of the Churches in need of Clergy, full availability, sacramental fraternity, obedience in faith and zeal for vocations, proper ends of our Confraternity for the glory and praise of the Triune God.
His testimony and example of filial love for Heavenly Father, love for Our Blessed Mother, especially in her invocation of Guadalupe, and love for the Church as his wife and teacher will remain printed in our memory.
Let us ask our Lord God to keep him enjoying his holy glory. May Father Enrique Amezcua Medina, our founder, intercede for him so that together they may participate in the eternity of the Weddings of the Lamb.
Fr. Lic. José Carlos Collado Paz, regional director for Mexico of the Confraternidad Operarios del Reino de Cristo begs all the brothers, members of the community, to ask and pray for the soul of our brother Fr. Alejandro Hernández García, so that God may grant him eternal rest.
Next to the Sanctuary of the Fifth Guadalupana Apparition, Father Enrique Amezcua Medina House, Regional Headquarters, Santa María Tulpetlac, Ecatepec, on the fourth day of February, two thousand twenty one.
Diac. Ángel

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