Johnathan Santos

Fort Worth – Johnathan Santos, 21, passed away Wednesday, October 14, 2020 in Dallas, Texas

Visitation: 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM, Sunday, October 18, 2020, Biggers Funeral Chapel.

Service: 4:00 PM, Sunday, October 18, 2020, Biggers Funeral Chapel.

Johnathan Santos was born April 22, 1999 in Boston, Massachusetts to Winfredo Santos, Jr. and Shirley Dendrinos.

He is survived by: his father and mother; siblings, Ashley Cortes and James, Isis Figueroa, and Abisael Santos; Niece and Nephews, Alex Padilla, Atmani Cortes and Nevaeh Cruz; and Cosme and Lucy Vasquez, and Kevin Vasquez.



Abisael (Johnathan’s brother):

He really did just spread kindness wherever he went honestly. the only times i’ve ever even seen him get close to mad were whenever we would play games together and i would mess with him. but even then he never seemed to take anything too personally, just simply making the world a better place by being a genuinely great person to everyone/anyone he met and trying to help as best he could. he’s THE funniest person i’ll probably ever know and even though in the family i was the one that was joked around as the “favorite child”, he legitimately was the best person in my eyes and i always looked up to him. he’s my better half and even though he’s gone im keeping that piece with me for as long as i live. I miss you lil’ bro, i know for a fact youre up there chillin with etika and all them. just hope i havent missed out on too much fun whenever i see you again.


Ashley (Johnathan’s sister):

I always called Him “Johnny Tsunami”. Johnathan had just turned twenty-one in April. He has always been the glue of our family. He was always so understanding, always so silly and happy, always so kind and always showing his love for us. Johnathan loved his video games, which brought him to make so many great and caring friends. It makes me happy to read the stories his friends tell about him and how he brought joy to them too. Johnathan has just discovered his passion  and talent for writing and making music; He was amazing at it. His songs will forever touch our hearts. Johnathan was studying Informational Technology  and was working at Best Buy’s Geek Squad in the meantime which he was super happy and excited about. He enjoyed anime and playing his Ukulele. He always made time to improve upon his skills whether it was with music, or art, or his relationship with God. Me and him used to draw and paint together. We always had that in common, our love for anything Art related. Me and my brothers would rap together, or try to at least. I remember one time we played some beats and looked up words that rhyme on Google just to be able to come up with lines; Even though we weren’t very good, it was so fun. Johnathan enjoyed talking about his dreams and experiences with God. His faith was admirable. He will forever be in our hearts and will forever be remembered for the kind, funny, mellow and faithful person that he was. He was the best person. I love you brother.


Shirley (Johnathan’s Mother):

Johnathan was my baby and he was very goofy, sweet, and selfless. He will always put others before himself . Johnathan heart was just like Gods heart. He had his daddy personality but definitely had my character he will tell you the truth with a sweet personality but straight forward character just like momma.

He had my nose and his daddy’s look and definitely inherited my goofy ness. He called me momma. One of his sayings when he was excited about something he will say “ Les Gooo” or “Dude” or “Sweet”. There’s one thing I know about my baby and it is that his Faith and relationship with God was unique and strong.


Wilfredo (Johnathan’s Dad):

One of Johnathan’s unique qualities was when he would come out of nowhere and jump on your back, put his nose in your ear and breathe and kiss you. His expression of love will always stand out. He used to love to talk about dreams and their meanings, about God and deliverance and mysteries.







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